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Canada day fun in our Little shop

  • by Ricardo Martinez

Canada day sure was different this year than the previous!  People were out wearing the Canadian colours, the little city where we live in was vibrant with the smell of many BBQ's to celebrate our True North Strong and Free.  It is exciting to see how things are shaping up and finally waking from the COVID sleep.  I for one can tell you with confidence how differently I look at the world now after having experienced this calamity.

happy canada day from the flight deck of a 737-800

As of late the news has been filled with the tragic tales of Canada's past.  I have made a design for a tee that reflects that history but it will be put on hold for a bit.  Each tee design is thought of carefully to ensure that it is up to par with our quality goals and that it conveys the proper message.  We're not going to get political however it is important to not only remember the past but also remember the amazing contributions our wonderful country has given the entire planet.

From our shop to all of you we wish you a fantastic July, and as the world opens  up we wish you heath and happiness.


Creative Director


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