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Introducing the Legacy Aircraft Collection

  • by Ricardo Martinez

What an exciting week it has been at Moondream Eclipse Apparel.  From the start I wanted to make a website that was easy to navigate and show case some great custom apparel.  In today's world it is difficult to be original and unique, especially with a saturated market for t-shirts and hoodies.  This never slowed me down, instead it motivated me more to put out there more great designs to celebrate the things we love, among that is my love for Legacy Aircraft.

In the past I have looked for shirts or posters of these beautiful legendary aircraft.  Unfortunately I was disappointed in the search results and decided now to take things into my own hands and created some unique shirts and mugs.

We have started off with the Boeing 747, DeHavilland Beaver and the L-1011.  In addition I plan to add in the future more beautiful machines such as the Twin Otter and the DC-10.

They just announced some forward progress on a COVID-19 Vaccine!  Boy this is exciting news, with a little luck and fate I will return to the skies once again and do what I love to do the most.  But for now, let's keep moving forward and onwards.  Live your days doing what you love around the people you adore.  That alone puts you ahead of so many.  As of late, my family has been my saviour, and for that I feel like the luckiest man on earth.

Peace and light, until the next time.


Creative Director

Moondream Eclipse Apparel


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