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Warm Up Comfort Gear for those Moondreamers

Wow that weather changed suddenly didn't it?  Feels like we were sweating those plus 38 degree Celsius day (yes we're Canadian) to all of a sudden, wow I wish I had my hoodie.

Premium aviation themed hoodie

Enter your Moondream people releasing some awesome gear for the chilly fall days ahead.  The embroidery is awesome and clean with only premium yarns used.

Premium fleece joggers


We at Moondream think that during these trying times the best we can do is easing the uncertainty by finding comfort in ourselves.  Working out, trying to learn new recipes, and overall finding comfort with our close ones are things we can do!  Leonardo DaVinci believed in having a few items of clothing but make them of the best quality that you can find!  We at Moondream agree!

Flight Dream Aviation premium embroidery hoodie

We have added this new Flight Dream Hoodie for instance.  Premium fabrics with that beautiful embroidery.

Flight Dream Beanie Hat

Or How about this Flight Dream beanie hat to match your fresh new outfit.

We hope that you enjoy our updated Fall Chill out Collection in our shop.  Our flight inspired gear will keep you warm and comfy for years to come.


Creative Director


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