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276 Trees Planted so far!

As our little shop grows so does a little forest of Mangroves in Madagascar! And for that we Thank You!

Alongside we are planting trees to help offset our Carbon foot print.  We have made other posts regarding this project found here and you can see the excitement we have for doing our part and helping out!

tree planting in madagascar

The mangrove restoration efforts in Madagascar support planting locations on parcels of coastal land to the North West of the island, near Mahajanga.  So far has planted around 600 hectares of this degraded coastal region - and as each small pocket of land is planted, supports further planting along the coast.

mooondream forest

So far this endeavour has been a successful one. was founded in 2019 and we got wind of it we immediately jumped on board to help out this great cause.

moondream forest is growing

Unfortunately the fashion industry is responsible for a big chunk of the carbon emissions in our atmosphere.  The increased demand of transport by air and ground has increased those emissions.  Global warming is more evident than ever with the early arrival of forest fires and worldwide flooding.  If people didn't believe the science before, they can definitely see it now with their own eyes.  At Moondream Eclipse Apparel, we strive to not only have an eco-conscious shop, but also to have a sweat-free responsibly sourced shop.  With these high standards we stand proud of our shop and all the good things it's doing with the environment.

On behalf of Moondream Eclipse Apparel we thank you for your continued support to grow our little forest.


Creative Director Moondream Eclipse Apparel


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