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Happy International Women's Day 2021

March the 8, 2021 already!  And as another International Women's day rolls by, one cannot help but be amazed by the grace and strength of our everyday heroes.  Our Women!

International Women's Day

For me this is a symbol to not only celebrate it this one day but also every day.  As a civilization we have moved forwards ever so slowly.  But if you look back a hundred years ago, women couldn't even vote.  Women needed permission to buy clothes from their husbands.  Outrageous but in reality this was not too long ago.  Makes you think and ponder about what else are we viewing in our society backwards these days that should be changed.  In other words this International Women's day is a great day to not only celebrate our female heroes but also a time to reflect upon oursleves.

International Women's Day 2021

On this United Nations sanctioned global holiday we celebrate the contributions that women have given society!

It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the every day battle of gender parity, and inspires support for organizations that help women globally.


Margaret Hamilton (wikipedia Commons) 

Taking for instance Margaret Hamilton, the lady in charge of the code that took men to the moon.  For a moment mission control faced a "go/no go" decision, but with high confidence in the software developed by Margaret Hamilton and her team, they told the astronauts to proceed.

Stories like the one that Margaret Hamilton wrote inspired generations of families and future explorers that anything was possible.  To quote from the official account of International Women on instagram:

" A Challenged world is an alert world.  And from challenge comes change."

A beautiful quote that reminds us that there is still much work to be done.  How many Margaret Hamiltons have been repressed in a little village in Africa.  How many Christa McAullifes have been told that it was impossible.  It all begins by example and especially by delivering their messages to our younger generations.

With my Grandmother circa 1988

I often look at pictures with my Grandmother and it makes me feel lucky to have known her.  She took care of us for a couple of years in Canada and the lessons I learnt from here were incredible.  I look at the skies and hope I will see her again at some point.  For me she was always the strongest woman I knew.  She definitely passed on some important lessons as a woman to my sister.

 International Women's Day during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2021

The International Women's Day theme for 2021 is #choosetochallenge which importantly highlights the importance of challenging biases and misconceptions in the interest of creating a more inclusive and gender equal world.  The United Nations also issued a 2021 Theme"

"Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 World."

This celebrates efforts from girls and women in creating a more equal future and COVID-19 pandemic recovery.

International Women's Day 2021 apparel
As we battle on these tough and unchartered waters I look upon the heavens and hope that the resilience and strength from my deceased female relatives shine down on me.  I am not a religious man but a spiritual one, and through their spirit I find peace and strength.
We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are doing great and keeping each other safe.  To all the strong and powerful women out there, our hats off to you.  Certainly this planet makes it worth living in with your strength and grace.
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