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Happy Pride 2020!!!

Happy Pride 2020 everyone!

What a few weeks huh.  I sit here and reflect as my son finishes his last day of school about how many up and downs we have had in the last little while.  Jobs are evaporating in thin air as I see friends posts their dismay and are left wondering when they will fly aircraft once again.  So far fortune has been on my side but I foresee things getting a little bit more grim in my airline industry.  One thing however that makes me happy is the amount of love and compassion I have seen with the #blacklivesmatter movement.  Everyone has awoken a sleeping giant, something that has been long overdue.  Yes it is disheartening to read about the tragic stories that have happened but I have also seen many great happy stories of neighbours extending a helping hand.  Not only to the brothers and sisters of the black lives matter movement but also to the LGBTQ community.

Harmony Pride 2020 custom tee

With that in mind I have designed a new tee that symbolizes the need for unity during these times.  It's a shirt that you can wear proudly showing your commitment to Love and Harmony to everyone.

harmony pride 2020 shirt

Well to sign off I hope that this message finds you well and your heart full of love.  I try to take things one day at a time and make small victories daily through either learning something or just doing a simple round of Yoga.

Happy Pride 2020 Everyone.



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