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New Aviation Canvas on the Shop!

Introducing new for Spring 2021, Aviation Canvas with our original prints!

Beyond excited to announce our latest addition to the shop.  Adding Canvas art to our on line store has been something that we've held off for a long time.  Not because of lack of content, but rather to ensure that you get the best custom print you possibly can for your home or office.

Custom Canvas Production


Displaying images of your number one passion on the store is something very personal.  After a few months of research lo and behold we have found a great supplier. Not only great in the image quality but also on the proper finish of your stretched canvas. 

Aircraft Windows custom art

Dreamliner Aircraft Windows Sunset Canvas 24 X 36 Inches


"We always pay close attention to details at  Moondream Eclipse Apparel and these new canvas prints are no exception." ~Creative Director

Canvas packing for custom aviation art

A concept we have recently come up with is Aircraft Windows art.

Aircraft window canvas art

Caribbean View Aircraft Window Canvas 16" X 20"

Before COVID-19 and the rise of charter airlines around the world our earth got smaller.  Weekend get away deals were a common occurrence.  As it always is with human nature we start taking things for granted.  Looking outside the aircraft window on a trip was not immune to this human trait.  If you actually reflect on the fact that you’re sitting in that metal tube at 3/4 the speed of sound at 35,000 feet, you start realizing that flight is really a miracle.

Aircraft window canvas art

Dreamliner Aircraft Window Sunset Canvas Art 16" X 20"

Every time I get airborne in my airplane I can’t help but look outside and think how lucky I am to be up there witnessing these views. Why not bring these views to your home and office I thought to myself. So with much love my present the aircraft windows series to the shop.

Boeing 767 Moonrise Canvas 24" X 36"


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