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Thank you for our First Year!

One year anniversary moondream

First and foremost, Thank you!

This first year has been quite the whirlwind.  Funny how times of adversity brings out some of the best qualities in a man.  I am no exception to this, and was able to convert a passion and love of mine to something that could be enjoyed by others.

by ryan beginnings of a logo

Seems like yesterday when I was inspired by my son and his sketch of what was meant to be the brand of this company.  His little dream that he was on the moon bouncing as he woke up with giggles inspired me to turn this business into something that has been a dream of mine for so long.

Caribbean Aircraft Window View Canvas


To celebrate this milestone we are doing a give away on Instagram!

In conjunction with Lost Aviator Coffee Company we are giving away a Canvas print, some awesome Coffee and a Travel Far tee!

Travel Far Tee

There has been many obstacles and a few headaches.  Along with growing pains I look back at this last year with a smile on my face. A million challenges presented themselves and one by one they were handled and moved on to the next.  Kind of what life is all about isn't it? 😉

So why an Aviation Themed Shop?

A common self improvement tool has always been to step outside of your comfort zone.  Being off the beaten path has proved to fulfill that basic human desire of exploration.  We were all kids once and discovery was our biggest tool in learning not only about the world but also of ourselves.  The year 2020 brought something to our Planet that we were not prepared for.  Border closures and social restrictions gave us a feeling of loss and desperation.  So many of life's most memorable moments occur outside of our comfort zones.  It's that distant place that somehow feels familiar although you have never been there before. That hole in the wall restaurant that only locals know about.  That friendship made as you changed the tire of your moped in Greece, all these moments seem to craft the best memories.  This Aviation themed shop has come together to celebrate these experiences that we miss and long to return to once again.

Moondream Engine Aviation Canvas Art

I miss Poland, I miss France, I miss Italy.  I miss our car breaking down on the way to Havana.  I miss the sideways rain in Ireland where the winds felt like they were blowing me into a time that was long, long ago.  The special encounters, the heat and sulphur smell from natural springs in Hungary.  All these beautiful memories that when placed together have painted the beautiful canvas that is my life.  My parent's laughter in Paris, and the tears of joy from my son the first time he tried chocolate ice cream in Prague.  Even though the last year and a half has proved a difficult journey for us all, I feel the excitement brewing inside of me as the world slowly opens it's arms to all of us once again.

moondream forest

From the bottom of my heart we Thank you!  Thank you for trusting in us with your hard earned money to purchase from a little unknown brand that just turned a year old.  This little shop has also planted over 200 trees in the course of a year!  We take the environment very serious and we hope to triple this amount by next year.

All the best in the coming Summer and may you stay healthy and full of love.

Peace, Love and Light,


Creative Director

Moondream Eclipse Apparel



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