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The Excitement of new ideas

The Excitement of new ideas

I won't beat around the bush by saying to you all that I am a self taught graphic artist.  The love began back in my youth when my dad would take me on road trips to distant bowling alleys.  I still remember the excitement of getting a nickel from my father and running to the mechanical pop machine to insert it and hear all the gimbals turning as it dropped my somewhat cold pop at the bottom.  As I drank that drink in those humid El Salvador evenings I would look around and take in the cool designs of the 80's.  Everything from the neon lights to the cheesy pop corn machine advertising, I would love to just look at the designs that are created to attract human attention. 

Art Deco in Miami

As humans we are a complex bunch.  We have different layers all gathered from different experiences and trying to design a piece that universally rings with everyone is definitely a challenge.  On a run that I did (yes I've taken up running, can't believe it myself) I had a bit of a vision.  Being in the Airline Industry I know a few seasoned travellers, and most of them keep their passports to keep a memory of their trip by looking at the stamps.  So why not create passport stamp shirts to show your love for the countries you have visited.  With this in mind I have created a small collection highlighting these beautiful countries that I have personally not only visited but had also the honour of living in.

"As humans we are a complex bunch.  We have different layers all gathered from different experiences and trying to design a piece that universally rings with everyone is definitely a challenge."

Ireland Custom Shirts 

 The world is on a temporary pause.  I'm not special, everyone is affected by this invisible monster.  Speaking to some of my friends I find inspiration by listening to their stories and how they are handling this mess.  Some that work in the film industry have had their whole lives turned upside down.  Creative artists are feeling the lack of demand of their art since disposable income is at an all time low.   So with this in mind it is clear that the biggest challenge is not the virus itself but the challenge of staying in a creative mindset.  Whenever I get caught up in a creators block, I realize that it happens because of this:

I am watching the news and scrolling way too much.

It is good to be informed however I find that when I turn off the phone, especially the notifications that I start to get a torrent of ideas.  Nothing is more therapeutic than taking my dog for a swim in the lake as ideas rush to you naturally and without effort. 

 So if you are a fellow creator and you feel a funk coming on, turn off the news.  Take your dog, or borrow somebody's dog and you will see what a difference that makes.  If you don't have a dog even a walk to the park allows you to return to earth for a bit and have a creativity boost.  Doing that alone gave me some exciting ideas for designs.

Please stay healthy not only in body but also in mind.  Don't beat yourself up if you haven't come up with a design in a while or if you feel like just putting the computer down for two days.  I myself are guilty of that, and sometimes it takes my dog putting his head on my lap to snap me out of it.

Until next time.



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