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Father's Day 2021

  • por Ricardo Martinez

Father's day 2021 quickly approaches on June 20, 2021! 

We are excited to make some recommendations for your dad straight from our shop!  Busy as bees we have been working in the background to ensure on time speedy delivery of all your goods.  Country restrictions are easing up as the Vaccine roll out continues and here at Moondream Eclipse Apparel we will do our best to ensure you are happy with your purchases.

So Let's get to some ideas we have in store for you:

1.  Beautiful Aircraft Canvas

custom aircraft aviation canvas

What could look better in Dad's office than this Premium Canvas for the office or that blank hallway that you have been meaning to fill.  Dad loves his awesome machinery, especially with some beautiful flying machines in them!

2.  Premium Tee

Father's day 2021 Tee

We got quite the collection of Tees that dad will absolutely love!  From our brand new Avro Arrow Canadian Legend shirt to our beautiful premium hoodies.  You will definitely find your favourite here.

3.  Gorgeous Water Canteen

Water Canteen

Stainless steel and rugged enough for your outdoors man with this canteen you will stay fresh and help the environment!  You will save the earth numerous water bottles by using this canteen.  Perfect for that hot drink too since it is double walled.

4.  Custom Fur Baby Wall Art

custom pet wall art 


We all love our fur babies and we all know that Dad is quite the hero to them!  What's that saying?  The bond of man and beast is unique!?  Dunno maybe we came up with that, but one thing is for sure.  Dad loves his hooch or kitty!  Here at Moondream Eclipse Apparel we turn a picture of your pet into a work of art worthy of a gallery.  It is simple, you send us the image and we take care of the rest.

5.  Snap Back Cap

8 Bit Art Snap back cap

How about bringing dad back to the days of 8-bit Video gaming with this awesome "Kill 'em with Love" Snapback cap.  We have a great line up of snap back, dad caps and trucker caps that dad would love!

So there you go, some ideas to start you off with.  Remember father's day is around the corner!  Let's get dad something Epic!


Creative Director

Moondream Eclipse Apparel


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