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Birth of a New App for our Little Shop

  • Publié par Ricardo Martinez

We sure are living in some interesting times aren't we. My 9 year old boy is already referring to past memories as "before Covid" or future ones "After Covid". No matter where you have been in the last year and half this Pandemic has changed us forever. And although we as humans do not want our backs against the wall, sometimes it's a necessary kick in the butt that forces us to follow the path of our destiny. Mentioned butt kicking was given to myself your humble narrator, which lead to the creation of this little shop.

moondream apparel Apple application

I still remember my first apparel listing. Creative juices were flowing, motivated with the strength to climb Everest, I hit the submit button and just like that, the 1's and 0's did their thing and behold my first apparel piece. Silence followed as what to do next, but with a mild case of anxiety in the beginning calm came over me. A calm that I have never felt before in my life, since my heart was content that another summit of my short life has been achieved. These sort of calm moments don't happen unless some sort of thirst has been quenched within one's heart.

humming bird hoodie

Fast forward to the present, a Pandemic still brewing in the background and still furloughed from my dream job I hit submit to my 350th piece of apparel. Not only a fun Summer 2021 collection but also submission of our very own Moondream App in the Apple Store!. Words cannot be assembled together in my little brain to explain the excitment felt when Apple approved the Moondream Eclipse Apparel app! I find it difficult to contain myself with this milestone in Planet Moondream.

But of course with new beginnings come new challenges. I will continue to strive to put out the most unique and exciting line of Flight inspired apparel ever witnessed. The Moondream app will continuously be updated with the latest updates that iOS throws at us. And of course I will continue to listen to you, my beloved customers with your requests of what you would like to be added to the Moondream Eclipse Apparel shop.

by ryan moondream logo
Last but not least I feel a mention to a special young man is needed. Occasionally I get asked where I draw my inspiration from. The same reply always follows. Being an Airline Pilot can be lonely at times. Long nights in the skies staring outside the window watching the world go by with only your thoughts. Minus 15 degree nights eating porridge in your hotel room because everything is closed. But no matter how bad this pandemic persisted in bringing me down, it was thoughts of my son that kept me going. His smile and also his excitement when I order something for him with that famous logo that he thought of. "Dad, I had a dream that I went to the moon". I still can hear that little voice. Thanks little man for your continued inspiration and making me be a better man.

The Moondream Apparel App can be downloaded by clicking the following link on the Apple Store.

Download on the apple store link

Much Love to everyone, and I wish you health and strength wherever you may be.

Ricardo Martinez
Creative Director
Moondream Eclipse Apparel


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