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COVID 19 Shipping Updates

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We are excited to announce that production is ramping up to speed up deliveries.  All of our categories of garments are coming up to normal production times which is very exciting!  Some home items are still experiencing some delays but we estimate that things will completely return to normal shortly.

These include:

Accent pillows - 7-12 days of Production time

custom accent pillows

Mugs: 2-7 Days Production time

custom aviation inspired mugs

Shirts: 2-7 Days Production Times

Custom Minimalist aviation inspired tees

Our customer support e-mail and reply time is one business day.

Please make sure to check with us for fulfillment estimates for your garments.  If you have a certain date that you would like your garment to be delivered please send us an email to see what we can do for you.

We do appreciate your patience and reading.

Please stay heathy and safe.  Keep up to date to the latest health recommendations from the World Health Organization and local government regulations in the country you live in.

Lots of Love to everyone,


Creative Director

Moondream Eclipse Apparel

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