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COVID Shipping Update, Good News Finally!

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Thinking back on this Moondream Eclipse Apparel journey that I have embarked on I often ask myself how could I have made things better.  My family would describe me as a bit of a perfectionist but really, when are things fully perfect to begin anything?  Sure I started a company during the worst Pandemic in a hundred years, but one thing life has taught me is to no matter what give everything your outmost love and attention.  To treat worthwhile endeavours like it is the last thing you will do on this earth and as such I treat this little shop among the millions of other shops with that much love.


Taking the Canova custom Shirt shot at the Louvre, Paris

Shipping time has improved!

Yes that is in bold extra large font and yes it was on purpose.  Finally as the world is starting to somewhat awaken from this pandemic and flights between cities increase frequency, so has the shipping of our apparel.  As of this writing you can expect the following:

T-shirts and Hoodies without embroidery estimated shipping times:

  • 3-4 days within Canada
  • 7-9 days International and USA

Home Decor:

  • 5-6 days within Canada
  • 9-12 days International and USA

Bathing Suits

  • 10-13 days within Canada
  • 12-15 days International and USA

As things improve we will continue to update the shipping times.  Everyone here at Moondream Eclipse Apparel appreciate your patience and also all your great feedback and will keep you updated as things move forward.

In the mean time, please stay healthy, observe the social distancing guidelines and most of all love each other.  Until next time.



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