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Calavera Moondream • Unisex Graphic Tee

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Calavera Moondream Unisex Graphic Tee, commemorating the Day of the Dead!

Calaveras mean, Skulls in Spanish.  Nothing symbolizes more the Day of the Dead then these iconic adorned skulls.  These skulls are painted in all sorts of different colours with different animals, flowers, and plants.

These skulls have a long history that date back all the way to the Aztec civilizations.  These ancient people would worship their God Mictecacihuatl "The lady of the Dead" the ruler of the after life and official protector of the dead.  Many carvings have been found not only in ancient temples but also in doorways of homes to show respect and offering to this God.

In modern times as the Mexican culture embraced the Skull motif it became mainstream and used in popular culture.  Artists have satirized these skulls as a way to poke fun and use dark humor towards the inevitability of death.  To smile back at death and know it is present all around us, every day.  It is not a sad reminder but instead a way to remind ourselves that life is short and live our best lives.

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