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Cargo Hounds Boeing 767 Unisex Graphic T-Shirt

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Cargo Hounds Boeing 767 Unisex Graphic T-Shirt

So us "Cargo Hounds" are a special breed of pilots.  While everyone sleeps we cross the skies and deliver the precious packages that you have ordered online.  PBE, Vaccines and food are moved by us to all corners of the world fast and safe and as efficient as possible.  We often complain about the hours but always feel blessed to witness the starry skies, the Northern Lights and of course the odd blink of the landing lights when we pass a fellow Cargo Hound going the opposite way.

We get airborne after the sunsets and sometimes catch the sunrise.  If we are flying westbound after dark we never see the sun come up, hence we are :

"The Knights of the Never Rising Sun"

Turbulence?, well we plow through it especially if the tail wind is strong pushing us faster to our destination. This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more.  Representing a world wide brotherhood, we come together and celebrate our contributions on a soft and lightweight heather material premium tee.  You have the right amount of stretch for the long winter months and quarantine food too! It's fit is comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

Starting off with the plane I currently fly, we launch with the Boeing 767.  More Cargo Hound aircraft to be coming in the following weeks. 

But wait there is more! How about a nice Enamel and Magic Mug to go with this awesome tee!

Magic Mug


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