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Jet Away Records Unisex T-Shirt

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We had good inspiration with this new Graphic Tee

This one is a bit of a tribute to those old concert posters of the 50's.  In particular I fell in love with the typography and feel of these beautiful designs.

Their organic feel and genuineness revealed their love for the artist and their music.  So the question was how do I incorporate this into a modern design to this aviation themed shop?  I recall the movie "La Bamba" with Lou-Diamond Phillips, specifically the scene where Ritchie's brother designed his brother's concert poster "Richard Valenzuela and his Flying Guitar.  I love how back then everything was done by hand with some paint brushes and simple paints.  The feeling also of families coming together to help promote Ritchie's music reminds me of the support my family has given me to this little shop.

50's Vintage graphic tee

We're quite proud of this design and hope that you enjoy this tee for years to come.

We made quite the video to promote this comfortable retro graphic tee.  Check out our Youtube Channel below.

vintage fly away records unisex tee

Want it in a Women's slim fit tee? Click here.

women's slim fit tee fly high records



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