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Kids Graphic Hoodie • El Gato Day of the Dead

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Graphic Kid's Hoodie - El Gato Negro commemorating the day of souls celebrated in Central America.

The Gato negro in full effect to celebrate the day of the dead.  Much myth surrounds the black cat! To the extent that a Pope in Rome believed that it was an omen to dark days coming.  This outdated myth has been around so long that shelters report that black cats are more difficult to adopt.  Not being superstitious I can say that adopting a black cat from your local shelter has some awesome benefits, take for instance:

  1. You can't see black hair on your clothes.
  2. Black hair enhances cats beautiful galaxy like eyes.
  3. You will save a kitty that needs a good home.
  4. Black cats will blend in to any crazy decor you might have in your home.

Did you know that all this myth began by a poem written back in the first century AD?  It was written to depict an Egyptian Godess hiding herself as a black cat to escape the other Gods.  From here the myth grew to an extent that these poor cats were hunted.

As time went widows took care of stray cats that overwhelmed the streets in Europe.  These widows were often targeted as witches and often burnt at the stake, alongside their black cat, to discourage the public from following pagan religions.

These Graphic Kid's hoodie are sure to commemorate these beautiful animals in our day of the dead theme.

We also have this hoodie in the following styles:

Women's Slim Fit Tee

Unisex Graphic Tee

Long Sleeve Graphic Tee


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