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About the United by Wings Campaign

I am an Airline Pilot

Like many crew members around the world I turn my gaze upon the skies and wonder when again I will be up there doing what I love.  An all familiar feeling consumed me as I adjusted to a world that changed in a matter of weeks.  This was a feeling of vulnerability.

As I reflect on my 20 plus years that I have invested in this career I come to realize that I excelled the most when I was vulnerable. Challenging times helped me grow not because I was on the brink of losing my job, but more because I had time to slow down and reflect on the important things in my life.

This challenging time we all are facing has allowed me to sit and look at all the wonderful things that Marc Bohland, the chairman of the board of Firsthand Aid, has done for the people in Cuba.  More specifically the people that are most vulnerable in society.  The Elderly and Children.

First Hand Aid has for years has helped children battling Cancer in Havana.  If that wasn't enough they have set up numerous walk in dispensaries around Havana where the elderly can get treatment.  Overcrowded and underfunded hospitals pose a challenge to many patients and this is where First Hand Aid comes in.  Walk in clinics that many doctors from the U.S. volunteer their expertise arrive in Havana on missions to look after many of it's citizens.

I have always had an interest in art.  No matter the medium, be it digital photography or an acrylic painting, I have always enjoyed the creative works of artists all over the world.  I couldn't just sit at home.  My son has kept me busy and been doing much catching up, however I needed to do more.  After some research I realized that flight crew and jet setters lack apparel to show off their favorite legendary aircraft.  These flying machines take us to the places we always have dreamed of, why not commemorate them and help a worthy cause.

The silhouette of the aircraft is something that we are familiar in seeing.  You hear that roar and glance up and wonder where it's destination is.

The Sun Will Rise

COVID-19 is an enemy that doesn't discriminate.  It doesn't care what name you call it or what your color of skin or religion is.  As humans we like to give a face to our enemies but this invisible foe confuses us and fills us with uncertainty.  But in light of all this the sun will rise tomorrow and to me this is a sign of hope.  This new day is a day to start again and keep on moving forward to beat this worldwide challenge.  Thus the sun behind the aircraft's silhouette.

On behalf of First Handaid and Moondream Eclipse apparel I thank you for taking the time to read about this worthy cause.  Every single dollar profit from the sales of the United by Wings apparel line will be donated to First Handaid.  For more information about this worthy organization please visit




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