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About Moondream Eclipse Apparel

Graphic Tees and Apparel with Minimalistic Aesthetics

My son once woke up from a dream while laughing.  I asked him what he was dreaming about, in which he replied

"I dreamt that I went to the Moon and I was bouncing"

He was only five years old at the time and asked him the next day to make a drawing of what he saw as a little activity to keep him off the electronics.  I have since lost that sketch he made for me, but it was an Astronaut's helmet.  He might not have realized that at this moment not only did he give birth to Moondream the company name but also the logo.

Having a passion for design and apparel I endeavour to create quality apparel with a minimalist approach to design.

Each piece of apparel is split into three elements: 

☞ Comfort

☞ Aesthetic

☞ Sustainable manufacturing practices

100% No Sweat Shops and Eco Friendly

We have recently teamed up with Ecologi and for each piece of apparel planted, one tree is planted in Madagascar!  Learn more about this exciting collaboration by clicking here.

Check out our Ecologi Forest Here.

Our apparel is made with sustainable materials and every step has been taken to ensure that the manufacturing process treads as lightly as possible without compromising quality and function.

Our apparel is manufactured in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, the U.S and Latvia.

Each Purchase Plants a Tree

Reducing our carbon foot print from shipping one garment at a time.

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Fast Delivery

Each garment is made on order and once produced is expedited to you.

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Exchanges & Returns

You have 30 days from the shipping date to return your purchase FREE OF CHARGE.

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