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Graphic Kids Hoodie • El Buo Day of The Dead

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El Buo (The Owl) Kid's Graphic Hoodie to commemorate the Day of the Dead celebration.

Since the beginning of time the Owl is considered a foretelling all wise creature.

Take for instance how in ancient Rome an Owl foretold the death of of Julius Cesar.  However the Romans also used to nail the corpse of an Owl to their doors to keep evil spirits away and prevent death.  At Moondream Eclipse Apparel we are against doing this, however it is an interesting tidbit of history that surrounds this beautiful animal.  Therefore as the beginning of November approaches we pay tribute to El Buo or the Owl in English and more fittingly in a Day of the Dead motif.

"Since the beginning of time the Owl is considered a foretelling all wise creature."

We hope that you enjoy this festive commemoration to such a big celebration in Central America.  From our shop to your closet this Heather dark tee will be your comfortable new friend for years to come.

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