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Graphic Kids Hoodie • Firulais Day of the Dead

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This Graphic Kid's Hoodie features a doggo transformed in the after life.

Firulais is the equivalent of the english term, "Mutt".  I have met many amazing humans that love their dogs to no end.  Just as we celebrate our human ancestors, we also need to pay tribute to our furry family members.  To me this Graphic Tee symbolizes the love for our four legged friends that have come and gone to the after life.

Many of us see death as a tragic event, a fateful goodbye to our loved ones.  The "calaberas" or skulls are always adorned with flowers, particularly Marigolds.  These flower petals are laid down and made as pathways that guide the dead to the after life.   Our pup on this graphic tee is adorned with these flower petals around the neck. 

To finish this post, as a kid I have always felt that this holiday is more of a happy celebration rather than a sad one.  The bright decorations and bright music was more of a smile as if almost mocking death.  Death is just a transition, a natural part of life and there is no better way to celebrate it than smile back at it.

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