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Graphic Tee • Greece Passport Collection Women's Slim Fit Tee

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Women's Slim Fit Graphic Tee

The unisex fit is popular but we have a demand for a more slim fit option for women.

A few things had to come together to come up with this shirt.  First a unique design that reflects the might of Greece's history. Second I wanted to place an image that signifies strength and grace. And thirdly a colour that reflects the beautiful blues of Greece's beautiful beaches.

Inspiration came from my favorite statue that is housed at the Louvre in Paris. La Victoire de Samothrace.  Much history and mystery surrounds it and thus adds to the appeal.  The cloak moves with the wind giving an image of battling a rough sea with confidence. Similar like our lives right now during the Pandemic.  A brave heroine riding the storm towards some unknown destination. Isn't this the feeling we all have right now?

If you check out my photography site you will see some shots of this incredible statue among other masterpieces.

Winged Victory

This leads to my second goal which is, strength and grace. A perfect example of this was my son's delivery and birth. The strength of a woman is an incredible thing and having witnessed this has changed my life.   Therefore this is symbolized by the strength of a sword and the humble fragility of a picked plant on our heroines left hand.

"A brave heroine riding the storm towards some unknown destination. Isn't this the feeling we all have right now?"

There are many reasons to wear your home country proudly. 

These Graphic Tees that I have created will do that for you with ease.  Although you are a proud citizen of the country you live in, it is important to remember your roots.  To emphasize this, the Passport Collection we have at Moondream Eclipse Apparel have various elements incorporated in them that highlight these wonderful places.  Take for instance the beautiful blues that you experience when you swim the waters of the Greek islands.  I am not fond of incredible heat however I will enjoy it if there is a beautiful blue beach close by.

Santorini Greece

In conclusion I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am proud of this design and what it stands for.  In other words, wear your country proud!  As the weeks turn colder and the days shorter the nostalgia flows heavier.  I will return to this enchanting place, but first I'm gonna finish my Gyro!

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