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Graphic Tees • Moondream Day of the Dead Unisex Shirt

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I'm going to achieve a couple of things with this write up.  First I will talk about my inspiration for these graphic tees, and second a little background story to this Day of the Dead celebration that is popular in Central America.

First will be my inspiration.  The two little birds holding the Moondream Logo reminds me of a time when I was just a young child living in Central America.  My grandmother had this parrot that knew all the bad words and wasn't afraid to use them.  Grandma always loved birds and spoke about the different types that lived in our country.  Therefore it only made sense to make a design in this Central American theme for this tee.

Grandma always loved birds and spoke about the different types that lived in our country.

Now for my second topic, the day of the dead.  As a kid I was frightened when the "Dia de los Muertos" would happen.  Halloween wasn't really celebrated when I was little guy in Central America.  However when November 2nd came around, you would see a display of costumes honouring those that have departed.

During the evening family members would gather and bring food that they would have cooked during the day to give as offerings.  Included could be fruit and even alcoholic drinks.  Holding candles the procession would begin with all family members gathered, making their way to the Cemetery.  Along the way you could see statues and photographs of the departed along with paper maché figures of skeletons.  Face paint was also a common sight and to little me at the time, it was quite scary.

One thing that stands out during these celebrations is how everyone would gather and speak so memorably of those that have gone.  Stories would be passed about their lives and what they did in their short time.

To end this post, I hope that you enjoy these Day of the Dead graphic tees, and that you wear them proudly on November second.

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