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The David Women's Slim Fit t-shirt

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The David staring into the ages captured in this slim fit Women's Graphic Tee.

This famous Michelangelo Sculpture awakens different feelings to different people.  For me it is the feeling of looking into the future as uncertain as it may be.  Michelangelo wanted to freeze the moment David was about to cast his sling and defeat Goliath.

David himself uncertain of the outcome can be seen in the tension with his brow.  Regardless of what may come he faced off against the giant anyway. 

This sculpture was unconventional at the time since the giant is not pictured in the scene but rather the fear and tension in David alone.  David looks tense and ready for battle after he has made the decision to fight Goliath but before the battle has actually taken place.

 In the ancient stoic times of Rome many teachings came from the inspiration of David's story.  To quote Marcus Aurelius from his book "Meditations"

“If something is difficult for you to accomplish, do not then think it impossible for any human being; rather, if it is humanly possible and corresponds to human nature, know that it is attainable by you as well.”

Nothing is out of reach, should the soul pursue it.  That is what this tee represents to me.

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