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Travel Snapback Hat

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Travel Aviation Snapback Hat

How often do we spend our time trying to get to where we want to be an saying to ourselves,

"I'll be happy when...."

"I'll be happy when I get. that one job"

"I'll be happy when I shed those pounds"

"I'll be happy when the mortgage is paid off"

Through experience I have found that if you are not happy while doing the pursuit, then you will never be happy once you reach your destination.

"Travel Far is a statement for not only to travel distance wise but also in life"

It's not about getting to a destination and then being happy, it's about finding happiness in the pursuit of that final destination.

What a year it has been hasn't it.  It breaks my heart to hear stories of people succumbing to their circumstances.  Truly I hope that you find a bit of happiness no matter where you are in your path.


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