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Vee One Rotate Unisex Kids Hoodie

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Vee One Pilot Graphic Youth Hoodie

So let's break down this Vee One Call that us Commercial Pilots hear everyday that we depart.

There following are some speeds pilots use during takeoff.

V1 Pronounced "Vee One"

The first one is the decision speed at which stopping is no longer possible and the airplane is committed to fly. This is known as V1.  Any sort of failure that happens at and after this speed the pilots are committed to go airborne.



The second speed is when the nose should be raised and the airplane is rotated into the climb attitude, known as Vr.

When the airplane attains the Vr speed, the pilot who is not manipulating the controls calls "Rotate," then the flying pilot applies aft yoke or side stick to raise the nose.

These speeds are very much studied and practiced throughout our careers.  When someone sees that you little one is sporting this Graphic Hoodie and is a fellow aviator they will wink and smile.

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