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You can only go Up Women's Slim Fit Tee

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Wow it's Friday again!  The weeks are blending into days, and as this quarantine progresses I feel like it is never ending.  When I spot an aircraft in the sky I now think how lucky they are to be up there.  To glimpse at the passing earth below from 34,000 feet, feeling the bumps of the atmosphere.  I miss hearing the different accents from all the different air traffic controllers as we make our way to our destination.  The way I see things right now is that the only option we have is to go up, and with that in mind I created this tee.  The chevrons pointing up with an image I took of the Caribbean.  You can only go up! Let's keep pushing everyone!  And to quote one of my favorite movies with Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting:

"You'll have bad times,

but that'll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren't paying attention to"

~ Robin Williams, Good Will Hunting


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